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[This page updated 10/29/2019]

Dance Links For State College Area:
  1. Pleasant Gap (east of State College): Dance Harmony Studio, operated by Kevin Fee,  DanceHarmony.com and  facebook.com/DanceHarmonyStudio
  2. State College: ?? Central Pennsylvania Ballroom Dancers Association – cpbdadance.weebly.com (bad link, website gone)
  3. State College: Centre Social Dance, supports all forms of social dance,  facebook.com/groups/128122001188021
  4. State College: Penn State Social Dance Club, sites.psu.edu/ballroomdance and facebook.com/psusdc

  • BilltownDance.com's  SinglesDances.net  lists the nearby singles clubs that have dances. (update 10/2019; all have ceased operation)